What Actions are Considered Grounds for Deportation?


What Actions are Considered Grounds for Deportation?

When an individual enters the United States on a temporary visa, they are granted limited access to live and/or work in the country. Should the individual wish to remain in the U.S. without fear of deportation, they can do so through the immigration process of naturalization. Until they become a naturalized citizen of the United States, an immigrant is at risk of being deported. If you or a loved one is in the country on a temporary visa it is in your best interest to make yourself aware of the actions which are considered grounds for deportation.

Common Reasons for Deportation

Being convicted of a crime is one of the main reasons that immigrants are deported or removed from the United States each and every year. More than half of the immigrants deported by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in 2012 were deported based on the fact that they were found guilty of committing a criminal offense. Convictions for drug offenses, gun-related crimes, crimes of moral turpitude, domestic violence and aggravated felonies can lead to removal proceedings.

Criminal convictions are not the only reason an individual may face removal, however. Submitting a fraudulent application in an attempt to immigrate into the country on false premises, gaining entry into the country by making an illegal border crossing, smuggling, and other actions can also lead to an individual being deported. An immigrant may also be found inadmissible if he or she has a communicable disease, is a drug addict, is suspected of espionage or sabotage, is involved in terrorist activities, or is not in possession of a valid passport or other entry documents.

It is extremely important to act fast if you suspect or have become aware of the fact that removal proceedings have begun. If you or a loved one needs legal assistance with removal proceedings, we advise you to enlist the representation of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer right away. Our team at Fayad Law, P.C. can help you fight deportation and removal and protect your rights. Contact us today so that we can review your caseand help you prepare an aggressive strategy on your behalf.

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