Victim of Assault Granted U Nonimmigrant Status


We understand how much the outcome of our clients’ cases will impact their lives and the lives of their family, and that is why we have devoted our careers to being a steadfast advocate for those we represent. Case in point: In August 2012 our North Carolina team helped a client file for a U Nonimmigrant Visa as the victim of a criminal assault.

Our client, a 25-year-old husband and father of a young daughter, was the victim of felonious assault. He was attacked with a baseball bat and golf club, and repeatedly struck until he lost consciousness for approximately 20 minutes. As a result of the attack, he suffered multiple concussions and abrasions to the right side of his head and cheek, as well as a subconjunctival hemorrhage to his right eye. He also sustained back and neck injuries, pain and swelling of his abdomen, injuries to his hand and a laceration on his right leg.

Our client cooperated with law enforcement to locate and prosecute his attackers. After more than a year, our client and his wife were finally granted U Status just before the holiday season. Our team was proud to be able to help this hardworking man and his family obtain their U Nonimmigrant Visas.

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